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Hello, this is my rantings and ravings page. I am staging a one man protest against the most dreaded disease
"political correctness".
Feel free to let me know if you agree
Politically correct = Stupid and thin skinned

I'm a firm believer in people getting what they deserve. Example: If a woman does the same job as a man, she deserves equal pay. She also deserves the equal treatment that a man in that job would receive.

This in no way means everyone should change their lifestyle to keep from offending this womans sensibilities. And this goes both ways. I know a few women that are nastier, meaner and ruder than any man

Equal means EQUAL

It doesn't mean we all roll over and play dead because someone gets offended by our looks or language.
Guys, if some lady tells you that you have a nice butt, and gives you a little pinch on the cheek, take it as a compliment. Don't go screaming to the boss about sexual harassment.
If you are in any way partially or totally responsible for the 9-11 terrorist attack on the United States, feel free to suck a fat, green, juicy, turd from a menstruating hippo's hole.

Or just step right up and declare yourself because I will be very happy to give you a "00" buckshot send off on your sorry way to martyrdom. I wonder what Allah and all them virgins are going to think when you show up with a load of shot pellets where your tiny testicles used to be.

The only people this "PC" shit is good for is the terrorist's, their attorneys, and a bunch of weak assed, thin skinned, bums that can't make their on way in life and expect the government and court systems to cover their lazy bullshit ways.

This weak bullshit is part of what got our country slammed by a bunch of cowardly terrorists. I say enough is enough, its time to cut the crap.

It is time the people of this nation stood up and declared ourselves free of this PC stranglehold. We need to assert our God given right to speak how we feel, not to be held back by the fear of prosecution from our own people.

Do you want equality or superiority?

If you can't take the heat get your ass out. Don't make everyone else change to adhere to your bullshit standards. I don't care about "your culture". This is America, not the Republic of Crackwhore. Learn to call a peafowl, a peacock. Stand up for what you know is right, not what the bureaucracy spews forth.
If you, your father or grandfather came to this country, or was brought here against their will, get over it. Your here now not where your ancestors came from. Damn it, Learn to speak English. Try to get along with the neighbors, join the freaking PTA for God sake. If this country disagrees with you, don't try to force everyone else to see it your way, adapt or leave. I myself am of Scottish decent, but I wouldn't even consider wearing a kilt. Because I'm American now!

Feel free to send me your comments, after all, freedom is what this site is all about.

My take on the "PC" crap.

As far as I can tell this PC craze started in corporate Americe a few years ago. It has grown in astronomical leaps due to fear of prosecution.Isn't this the same thinking that kept the people of the old Soviet Union in check, a fear of prosecution?

Ask yourself this, doesn't this reek of communism? Are we all becoming good little members of "the party".

What if Ben Franklin had been concerned over upsetting King George back in 1776. We would all still be citizens of England, And, what if Davy Crockett had decided to present a "PC" argument to Santa Anna? St. Louis would be in Mexico.

Our great country was and is founded on the pretence that we all agree to disagree. We all have our own way of thinking and doing. It's called freedom. If we continue to stiffle the doings of others because of our own shortcomings we are going to silence the next Einstein, or Currie. We need to step back and realize that just because something someone else said or done might hurt our little feelings doesn't take away the right of the person to do or say those things.

This flag will always wave free.

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