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A few terms we should all remember to make sure we are totally excepted, and liked by everyone.

Bald - Comb-Free
Handicapped - Physically Challenged, Differently Abled Handi-Capable
Blind - Optically Darker, Photonically Non-receptive
Deaf - Visually Oriented
Poor - Economically Unprepared
Bum - Homeless Person, Displaced Homeowner, Philosophy Major
Hunter - Animal Assassin, Meat Mercenary, Bambi Butcher
Whaler - Blubber Lovers
Old Person / Elderly - 4th-Dimentionally Extended, Gerontologically Advanced
Conservative - Right Wing Extremist Fascist Pig
Drug Addict - Chemically Challenged
Bisexual - Sexually Non-preferential
Midget, Dwarf - Little People, Vertically Challenged
Convict - Socially Separated
Insane People - Selectively Perceptive Mental Explorers
Learning Disability - Self-Paced Cognitive Ability
Tree-Hugger - Environmental Activist
Logger - Wood Weasel, Paper Pirate, Treeslayer
Dead People - Dysfunctional Earth Children, Biologically Challenged, Metaphysically Challenged
Hamburger - Seared Mutilated Animal Flesh (SMAF)
Cheeseburger - Adding Insult to Injury
Cheating (in School) - Academic Dishonesty
Used Books - Recycled Books
Trees - Oxygen Exchange Units
Gang - Youth Group
Pimp-mobile, Low-rider - Culturally Responsive Transportation Option
Drunk/Trashed - Spatially Perplexed
Slum - (EOZ) Economic Oppression Zone
Delicatessen - Corpse Farm, Charnel House
Obese - People of Mass, Gravitationally Challenged